Can money buy happiness?

After a serious post yesterday, we’re going to switch it up today, and talk about something on the lighter side.  Can money buy happiness?  You, in a time in your life, have probably heard someone say “money can’t buy happiness”.  Now you probably brushed off just thinking of it as an expression.  But if we actually go into detail on this, the money CAN buy happiness side has some valuable factors to consider.  For example, buying a new house makes you happy,  buying a nice car makes you happy,  buying something nice for your family makes you happy.  Of course, it depends on the person but for most people these things make them happy.  Now, the only thing money can’t buy, in my opinion, is love. But if you already have love, I think in the rest of the aspects of your life certainly can be bought, and you will be more than satisfied. This of course is just my opinion, let me know what you guys think in the comments…Can money buy happiness?


The Mandela Effect…

Alright so for some of you guys who don’t know what the Mandela Effect it is let me give you a brief explanation. The Mandela Effect theory goes that somewhere on the earth’s timeline we traveled into a parallel universe.The name comes from a lot of people remembering Nelson Mandela dying along time ago. But people were shocked to find out that he just recently died on December fifth two thousand thirteen. Now, in this universe a lot of minor things have changed that we weren’t suppose to notice, but people around the world are picking up on it. For those of you who are skeptical, let me show you. I’ve gathered a list of multiple things that people specifically remember being different.

  1. Jiffy Peanut Butter. You know the peanut butter brand Jiffy we all enjoy. Well guess what, it’s not Jiffy Peanut Butter it’s Jif peanut butter. For some reason I distinctly remember it being Jiffy Peanut butter…
  2. Sex in the City. So many many people including me clearly remember this movie being titled Sex in the City. But it was actually Sex and the City this whole time…You might think that people have just been saying it wrong all these years, but theirs proof on google of items and tapes saying Sex in the City on them!!!
  3. Snow White. Now a lot of people remember the phrase “mirror mirror on the wall” but actually it was “magical mirror on the wall”. Now I don’t know about you guys but I remember watching movies where I heard “mirror mirror on the wall”.
  4. Star Wars. I think pretty much everybody has heard the very famous phrase “Luke I am your father” it’s even on shirts and fan apparel. But it blew my mind when I found out that it’s actually “No I am your father”. Look it up! Crazy right…

Now of course all of these examples can be coincidences, but it is very strange how distinctly we remember things being different…

Does your dog understand what you’re saying?

Alright guys today were going to be talking about a subject that has been on a lot of peoples minds. Can your dog understand what your saying? Roughly forty four percent of american households own a dog. That’s almost half the people in our country! Personally I have a dog, and when I talk to him he usually looks like he has no idea what i’m saying. But then again he’s still young, maybe as dogs mature they pick up certain words and are able to put some words together. Enabling them to understand a bit of what were saying. Recently scientists have discovered that when it comes to speech and facial recognition dogs use the same part of the brain that we do. Kind of crazy right. A tiny poodle with a tiny brain can eventually understand a conversation you are having with somebody. So next time you are having a conversation with your dog, don’t just assume they don’t understand what you’re saying. Now don’t go thinking that your dog understands every word your saying but it’s something worth thinking about…

Weird and crazy superstitions.

I’m sure everyone has heard  of common superstitions, such as knock on wood and cross your fingers. But what about some bizarre superstitions from around the world. Here are some funny and strange superstitions that I have found.

  1. Stay young forever by carrying an acorn. In ancient Britain women carried acorns around to stay looking young. The oak tree was believed to make skin last longer and fight off illness.
  2. Don’t chew gum at night. The Turkish believe that if you chew gum during the night time you are chewing the flesh of the dead. So i’m gonna say stay off the haunted hubba bubba bubble gum…
  3. Good luck goat. In many cultures seeing a goat when walking or driving is a sign of good luck. The goat has said to draw all evil that may cross your path.
  4. Bird poop equals money. This superstition says that if a bird poops on your house you’ll be rich. Now that’s what I call filthy rich…

I know this a bit different from our usual stuff but I thought it would be a good change of pace.

Life after death…

Hey guys today were going to be talking about life after death. I have gathered a short list of some possible after death scenarios…

  1. The loop. The loop theory goes is that when you die you are reborn again to live the same life. Like a loop. But each time your reborn you are given different chances and opportunities. So if you weren’t happy with your previous life, hopefully you can change your destiny in your new life. Not to mention Déjà Vu. When you try something you’ve never done before but it feels like you’ve done it already…you have!
  2. The world revolves around you. Yes in this theory the whole universe actually revolves around you. Before you go saying that’s impossible, hear this. Your whole life you have always seen everything from your point of view and perspective. Not once seeing anything from someone else’s point of view. Is there anything that you can prove in this world that isn’t your imagination? If this theory is true when you die the universe seizes to exist.
  3. Reincarnation. In some Buddhist beliefs when you die you are reincarnated as an animal. If you were a good person during your previous life you may become an animal such as mans best friend in a dog. But in some cases if you lived life by causing others harm you may live your next life as a microscopic insect. So be nice to people guys!
  4. Nothing. Now finally nothingness. When you die theirs absolutely nothing, just darkness. But you wouldn’t know you are in darkness because your cautiousness died along with your body. I really hope this ones not true!

Remember guys all of these are just theories,  but all worth thinking about.

Do aliens exist?

Hey guys today were going to be talking about aliens. One of the most commonly asked questions among people every where, is if aliens are real. Well I have a conspiracy which will have you thinking about aliens like never before. Alright the theory goes is that humans have been looking for aliens in all the wrong places. Sure there’s probably life outside of earth,  but what about on earth. Not many people think about life on earth except for what we already know, and maybe some ghosts. But what if this whole time dimensional life has been here, but we can’t see them because our brains can’t comprehend it. Think about it if you look at some pictures or videos of extra terrestrial things happening, everyone jumps to the conclusion that it’s ghosts. But there other life forms, and there not invisible there just intricate beings that our eyes and our brains cant process, which allows them to seem “invisible”. Now if these life forms do exist, they have probably been here longer than us. Which also begs the question why wouldn’t they communicate with us? Two reasons would have to be either they cant see us just like we cant see them or maybe they know were here and can see us and they just don’t want to be seen for whatever reason. Not that humans would be to considerate of them anyway. So are aliens real? Maybe! It’s definitely worth thinking about.

Is karma real?

At one time or another you might’ve done something you regret, and maybe you worry if karma will come back to get you. You might not be sure if it’s real, but it’s crossed your mind. Now you might think, alright it’s karma so what? Well what if you actually look into it. The generally known term for karma is if you do something bad, something bad will happen to you in return. If it’s real or not…is most likely impossible to find out. Some instances that would prove karma is real would be this… you walk outside to take out the trash, and you see that your neighbors trash is yet to be done, so you take out their trash for them. The next week your neighbors offer to take out your trash to sort of repay you for what you did last time. This might not be the first thing you think about when you think about karma but technically it is karma. But what most people think about when they think about karma, is this universal rule that by doing bad, some higher being will enforce bad on you. Well how realistic is that? Even if there was some higher being, it would have to know every bad thing, anybody has done in the world. This is a bit absurd. Prime instances of this are horrible and borderline evil people that were in this world at one time or another that continued to reign their terror for more than enough time. Where was karma thn? So is karma real? You can say yes technically, or you can say no. One things for sure, it’s definitely had me thinking.

Are we even real?

At some point in your life, probably when you were of a young age, you wondered… what if we are all in one big video game! Sounds crazy right. But recently scientists and ordinary people everywhere have been considering this a legitimate possibility, if not spot on. Think about it… about forty years ago kids and teens were playing a game called Pong. A very simple game where you hit a ball back and forth. Now we have virtual reality! Someone could be at home sitting on their couch with a virtual reality head set on…and it could feel like their actually there. From Pong to Virtual Reality, the time difference is roughly forty years. Just forty years! Now we ask what if you give us another one hundred years. How technologically far will we be? Well the theory goes, is that we will be advanced enough. So much so that our video games and simulations will be indistinguishable from actual reality. This begs the question… what if we are the simulation? Now some of you might think, wait a minute… if we are our reality wouldn’t that break the ‘simulation’. Well, not exactly. Like I said before this certain civilization or period in time that created the simulation or ‘us’, would be so technologically advanced their “characters” in games of some sort, have emotion. For instance right now we have Sims. You think, no way these characters have emotion. Well with highly advanced artificial intelligence, there won’t be much to separate us from computer programming. Actually what if there is nothing to separate us. It begs the question… why wouldn’t we be a simulation? It’s definitely got me thinking.