The dark truth about Spongebob Squarepants…

The show Spongebob Squarepants is one of the most popular children’s TV shows, and has been for a while. Most people probably think of the show as a harmless TV show but there are some theories out there that make the show look a little less harmless.  Here are some of those theories.

  1. Nuclear Bombing. This theory states that Bikini Bottom was an island where the U.S tested nuclear bombs and that’s why all the characters can talk and some look mutated, like SongeBob.
  2. Krabby. The secret ingredient in krabby patties is Crab! Have you ever wondered why there’s no other crabs in Bikini Bottom…I don’t think I have to explain.
  3. Patrick. This theory states that Patrick Star is a sociopath. His usual way of handling things involves some kind of violence or physical action. Not to mention his obvious mental disability.
  4. Middle age. Spongebob is actually in his middle age. He has a steady job, house, and judging by how old his parents are he should be in his middle ages.

These theories are pretty ridiculous but worth thinking about.

Movies you should be watching right now!

Hey guys, so there have been a lot of movies coming out recently, and we thought we’d give you our first impressions on some of them. We viewed movie trailers and give our opinions on them.

  1. Annabelle: Creation. It seems to be a typical horror movie with lots of jump scares. But if you view the trailer you will know what you are getting into when going to see the movie. If you liked the first movies you will certainly like this one.
  2. Spider man Homecoming. If you are a fan of marvel movies you will certainly like this one. It seems to have a good mix of humor and action, without ruining the story line.
  3. Dunkirk. If you are into explosions and intense war movies you might like Dunkirk, but it’s not for everyone. There is not much dialogue which makes the story line hard to follow. Overall the movie is to dull for our taste.
  4. The emoji movie. Seems like a light hearted, fun movie to watch with kids. Other than that we would not recommend this movie for someone looking for something more serious.
  5. The dark tower. If your into action packed sci-fi films you should be interested in this. Not to mention some big name actors that should draw some attention.

Thursday Thought

As most of you know, we like to think here at The Thought. So in honor of Thursday Thoughts, here’s a list of some of the craziest thoughts we’ve seen.

  1. Is sand called sand because it’s in between land and sea?
  2. How come your nose runs but your feet smell?
  3. If you get out the shower clean, how does your towel get dirty?
  4. Is the S or C silent in scent?
  5. When butter flies are in love do they feel humans in their stomach?
  6. What if someone dies in a living room?
  7. Who closes the door of a bus when the driver get’s off?


It’s national relaxation day!

In honor of National Relaxation Day, we’ve made a short list of things to do to celebrate the holiday.

  1. Down by the lake.  Gather with family and/or friends and go to a nice calm lake. Make some s’mores and gather by the camp fire and just take in the fresh air.
  2. Beach bums. Head on down to the beach, bring some snacks, take a dip in the ocean, and finish it off with some cold ice cream. Oh, so relaxing!
  3. Athlete-sort of. Get with friends and play some sports. Not competitive but just have a good time and drink some lemonade in typical relax fashion.
  4. Pick-nick. Come together with family head down to a nice park that’s not to crowded, and have a nice, relaxing picnic worth enjoying.
  5. Lazy Daisy. Last, but not least, hide in the sheets and watch Netflix all day long. This is usually a solo activity but it’s arguably one of the most relaxing things to do on this list.

Don’t forget to celebrate National Relaxation Day!!!

Funny Brain Farts!!!

There are just some of those times when you have an absolute brain fart. Pretty much a brain fart is when you do something kind of silly and dumb. Here’s a quick list of the most common and funny brain farts everybody has done at one time or another.

  1. The waiter says “enjoy your food” you say “you too”.
  2. Checking your watch then checking it again because you weren’t paying attention.
  3. Having to turn the shower back on because you forgot to wash out the shampoo in your hair.
  4. Having trouble spelling a word you’ve spelled a thousand times.
  5. Forgetting your own age.
  6. Trying to open the door of a restaurant even when it says closed.
  7. Forgetting  what you were going to look up on google.
  8. Tapping someone then one second later forgetting what you were going to tell them.

Can you relate to these? Let us know!

Oh fudge!!!

Who doesn’t like fudge?  I thought I didn’t before visiting Candy Kitchen located everywhere around the east coast.  Personally I recommend the flavors vanilla, chocolate, and vanilla walnut.  But if you’re looking to get wild they have a range of flavors including some unique ones.  For example strawberry cheesecake, creamsicle , maple walnut, rocky road, chocolate raspberry, king tut, chocolate pecan, and peanut butter truffle.  When I visited Candy Kitchen there was a great atmosphere and everyone was quite nice.  They also don’t just have fudge but they have all types of candy ranging from your basic sour watermelons to any crazy gummy candy you can thunk of.  Chocolate is also available in Candy Kitchen with a variety  of flavors.  So I highly recommend you guys stop by Candy Kitchen and try all their crazy fudges, candies, etc. I’m sure you will think it’s fudging great!

When will the world end?

There have been many times on Earth, including relatively recently, where people thought the world was going to end.  A prime example is when everyone thought the world was going to end in 2012.  But a lot of sources say, we should be worrying about how the world can end and not when.  Here are some examples of how life can be extinct on earth.

  1. Nuclear war.  This is one of the most popular theories and a theory a lot of people are considering a legitimate possibility.  Today, the United States and Russia hold 93 percent of the worlds nuclear weapons, and if these two country’s were to get into an argument, who knows what can happen.
  2. Asteroid.  Also a very popular theory is that an asteroid would wipe out all existence on earth.  A lot of scientists say that, though it is unlikely, there is a possibility any day now that an asteroid could end us all.
  3. Super Volcano.  Under Yellow Stone National Park holds a super volcano, many people say would be powerful enough to end life on earth.  The scariest part is this volcano is supposed to erupt every 60,000 years and we are over 40,000 years overdue.
  4. Animal Outbreak.  This theory is a bit far fetched, but it states that an animal revolution can be in our future.  As recognized by the Planet of the Apes trilogy.

Remember, these are all theories, and these terrible events will most likely not be upon us…or will they…?

Best animated comedies right now!!!

Enough with the regular old comedies, jump into the world of animation.  We’ve compiled a list of some our favorite animated comedies, and we think you should give them a try if you haven’t already.

  1. Bob’s burgers.  Most people won’t give this animated comedy a chance but once you watch a couple of episodes you start to like the characters and the story line’s stay consistently good with all of the seasons they have had.
  2. South park.  Though a lot of people know about South Park there are still a lot of people who don’t know about it.  South Park is the adventures of three young boys and their friend Kenny who seems to die in some weird way in every single episode.  It can be silly sometimes but most of the time really funny.
  3. F is for family.  I’m sure not that many people know about this animated Netflix original but it’s definitely worth watching. There are two seasons and both simply hilarious.
  4. Family guy. This is probably the most popular show on the list, but for anyone who has not given Family Guy a try, we highly recommend doing so.
  5. Rick and Morty. Thought their adventures may be wild Rick and Morty is definitely one to watch.
  6. The Simpsons. The Simpsons has been around pretty much forever. But if you have never seen it. You have a lot to catch up on.
  7. American Dad. Last but not least our favorite over here at The Thought, people hesitate to watch this show…But there should be no hesitation! Very funny and unique.

Late night munchies solved!!!

Here at the The Thought we don’t just think about conspiracy theories and how the world is going to end.  We think about everything, including food!  A common problem among people everywhere is that hunger does not have a schedule.  So when it’s late at night and you can’t fight the hunger… try these super simple and delicious snacks to satisfy those late night munchies!

  1. Bacon grilled cheese.  Got some left over bacon lying around, and of course some bread and cheese.  Make a bacon grilled cheese for a quick savory bite!
  2. Delicious coco-pretzel.  Nobody likes old chocolate and pretzels so combine them both for a sweet miracle!  Melt the chocolate and crush up the pretzels, add them together, and even top it off with a tiny bit of salt. Toss that in the refrigerator for a couple hours, and then cut up into pieces for chocolate pretzel deliciousness.
  3.  Rice crisp whatever.  For this recipe you pretty much just take some rice crispy cereal, marshmallow, and whatever else you want.  We will use Eminem’s as an example.  You melt the marshmallows first and then add it with the rice crispies and Eminem’s.  Let it settle… and then cut them and enjoy!
  4. Quick truffles.  For this recipe all you’ll need is Oreo’s and some cream cheese.  I know it sounds weird but stay with me.  Your going to smash the Oreo’s until you get a consistency you like.  Then your going to mix the Oreo’s and the cream cheese together.  Once you’ve done that shape the mixture into little balls, and let them rest in the refrigerator for about an hour and a half.

We hope you enjoyed these quick late night munchies!  Let us know if you want more posts like this in the future.

These kids cartoon show conspiracy theories will freak you out!

Hey guys, today we’re going to be talking about some kids cartoon show conspiracy theories.  So pretty much just ruining your childhood.  I’ve made a short list of some of the shocking conspiracy theories I’ve seen.  Warning, some of these might be a bit disturbing.

  1. SpongeBob.  This theory goes that every character in SpongeBob is always on some kind of drug.  For example, Patrick is always high on marijuana, SpongeBob is addicted to meth, Squidward does crack, and Mr. Krabs is hooked on heroin.  If you actually look at it all these drugs they match the characters personalities.
  2. The Fairly Odd Parents.  This theory states that Timmy Turner has some kind of mental illness, which causes him to imagine his fairy God parents and think that whatever he wishes comes true.  When I heard this it kind of ruined the show for me!
  3. The Flintstones.  This theory states that the Flintstones actually takes place in a post apocalyptic future.  Where a nuclear war vanished most of the humans from the planet except a small group.  This also led to a restart in the world, explaining why they live in a rock age, also explaining why some of the animals look so funny, there mutated!                                                                                                                                                                 Now all of these theories are most likely not true, but it’s definitely creepy to think about…

The Mandela Effect…

Alright so for some of you guys who don’t know what the Mandela Effect it is let me give you a brief explanation. The Mandela Effect theory goes that somewhere on the earth’s timeline we traveled into a parallel universe.The name comes from a lot of people remembering Nelson Mandela dying along time ago. But people were shocked to find out that he just recently died on December fifth two thousand thirteen. Now, in this universe a lot of minor things have changed that we weren’t suppose to notice, but people around the world are picking up on it. For those of you who are skeptical, let me show you. I’ve gathered a list of multiple things that people specifically remember being different.

  1. Jiffy Peanut Butter. You know the peanut butter brand Jiffy we all enjoy. Well guess what, it’s not Jiffy Peanut Butter it’s Jif peanut butter. For some reason I distinctly remember it being Jiffy Peanut butter…
  2. Sex in the City. So many many people including me clearly remember this movie being titled Sex in the City. But it was actually Sex and the City this whole time…You might think that people have just been saying it wrong all these years, but theirs proof on google of items and tapes saying Sex in the City on them!!!
  3. Snow White. Now a lot of people remember the phrase “mirror mirror on the wall” but actually it was “magical mirror on the wall”. Now I don’t know about you guys but I remember watching movies where I heard “mirror mirror on the wall”.
  4. Star Wars. I think pretty much everybody has heard the very famous phrase “Luke I am your father” it’s even on shirts and fan apparel. But it blew my mind when I found out that it’s actually “No I am your father”. Look it up! Crazy right…

Now of course all of these examples can be coincidences, but it is very strange how distinctly we remember things being different…

Does your dog understand what you’re saying?

Alright guys today were going to be talking about a subject that has been on a lot of peoples minds. Can your dog understand what your saying? Roughly forty four percent of american households own a dog. That’s almost half the people in our country! Personally I have a dog, and when I talk to him he usually looks like he has no idea what i’m saying. But then again he’s still young, maybe as dogs mature they pick up certain words and are able to put some words together. Enabling them to understand a bit of what were saying. Recently scientists have discovered that when it comes to speech and facial recognition dogs use the same part of the brain that we do. Kind of crazy right. A tiny poodle with a tiny brain can eventually understand a conversation you are having with somebody. So next time you are having a conversation with your dog, don’t just assume they don’t understand what you’re saying. Now don’t go thinking that your dog understands every word your saying but it’s something worth thinking about…

Life after death…

Hey guys today were going to be talking about life after death. I have gathered a short list of some possible after death scenarios…

  1. The loop. The loop theory goes is that when you die you are reborn again to live the same life. Like a loop. But each time your reborn you are given different chances and opportunities. So if you weren’t happy with your previous life, hopefully you can change your destiny in your new life. Not to mention Déjà Vu. When you try something you’ve never done before but it feels like you’ve done it already…you have!
  2. The world revolves around you. Yes in this theory the whole universe actually revolves around you. Before you go saying that’s impossible, hear this. Your whole life you have always seen everything from your point of view and perspective. Not once seeing anything from someone else’s point of view. Is there anything that you can prove in this world that isn’t your imagination? If this theory is true when you die the universe seizes to exist.
  3. Reincarnation. In some Buddhist beliefs when you die you are reincarnated as an animal. If you were a good person during your previous life you may become an animal such as mans best friend in a dog. But in some cases if you lived life by causing others harm you may live your next life as a microscopic insect. So be nice to people guys!
  4. Nothing. Now finally nothingness. When you die theirs absolutely nothing, just darkness. But you wouldn’t know you are in darkness because your cautiousness died along with your body. I really hope this ones not true!

Remember guys all of these are just theories,  but all worth thinking about.