Movies you should be watching right now!

Hey guys, so there have been a lot of movies coming out recently, and we thought we’d give you our first impressions on some of them. We viewed movie trailers and give our opinions on them.

  1. Annabelle: Creation. It seems to be a typical horror movie with lots of jump scares. But if you view the trailer you will know what you are getting into when going to see the movie. If you liked the first movies you will certainly like this one.
  2. Spider man Homecoming. If you are a fan of marvel movies you will certainly like this one. It seems to have a good mix of humor and action, without ruining the story line.
  3. Dunkirk. If you are into explosions and intense war movies you might like Dunkirk, but it’s not for everyone. There is not much dialogue which makes the story line hard to follow. Overall the movie is to dull for our taste.
  4. The emoji movie. Seems like a light hearted, fun movie to watch with kids. Other than that we would not recommend this movie for someone looking for something more serious.
  5. The dark tower. If your into action packed sci-fi films you should be interested in this. Not to mention some big name actors that should draw some attention.

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