It’s national relaxation day!

In honor of National Relaxation Day, we’ve made a short list of things to do to celebrate the holiday.

  1. Down by the lake.  Gather with family and/or friends and go to a nice calm lake. Make some s’mores and gather by the camp fire and just take in the fresh air.
  2. Beach bums. Head on down to the beach, bring some snacks, take a dip in the ocean, and finish it off with some cold ice cream. Oh, so relaxing!
  3. Athlete-sort of. Get with friends and play some sports. Not competitive but just have a good time and drink some lemonade in typical relax fashion.
  4. Pick-nick. Come together with family head down to a nice park that’s not to crowded, and have a nice, relaxing picnic worth enjoying.
  5. Lazy Daisy. Last, but not least, hide in the sheets and watch Netflix all day long. This is usually a solo activity but it’s arguably one of the most relaxing things to do on this list.

Don’t forget to celebrate National Relaxation Day!!!


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