Funny Brain Farts!!!

There are just some of those times when you have an absolute brain fart. Pretty much a brain fart is when you do something kind of silly and dumb. Here’s a quick list of the most common and funny brain farts everybody has done at one time or another.

  1. The waiter says “enjoy your food” you say “you too”.
  2. Checking your watch then checking it again because you weren’t paying attention.
  3. Having to turn the shower back on because you forgot to wash out the shampoo in your hair.
  4. Having trouble spelling a word you’ve spelled a thousand times.
  5. Forgetting your own age.
  6. Trying to open the door of a restaurant even when it says closed.
  7. Forgetting  what you were going to look up on google.
  8. Tapping someone then one second later forgetting what you were going to tell them.

Can you relate to these? Let us know!


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