When will the world end?

There have been many times on Earth, including relatively recently, where people thought the world was going to end.  A prime example is when everyone thought the world was going to end in 2012.  But a lot of sources say, we should be worrying about how the world can end and not when.  Here are some examples of how life can be extinct on earth.

  1. Nuclear war.  This is one of the most popular theories and a theory a lot of people are considering a legitimate possibility.  Today, the United States and Russia hold 93 percent of the worlds nuclear weapons, and if these two country’s were to get into an argument, who knows what can happen.
  2. Asteroid.  Also a very popular theory is that an asteroid would wipe out all existence on earth.  A lot of scientists say that, though it is unlikely, there is a possibility any day now that an asteroid could end us all.
  3. Super Volcano.  Under Yellow Stone National Park holds a super volcano, many people say would be powerful enough to end life on earth.  The scariest part is this volcano is supposed to erupt every 60,000 years and we are over 40,000 years overdue.
  4. Animal Outbreak.  This theory is a bit far fetched, but it states that an animal revolution can be in our future.  As recognized by the Planet of the Apes trilogy.

Remember, these are all theories, and these terrible events will most likely not be upon us…or will they…?


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