Does your dog understand what you’re saying?

Alright guys today were going to be talking about a subject that has been on a lot of peoples minds. Can your dog understand what your saying? Roughly forty four percent of american households own a dog. That’s almost half the people in our country! Personally I have a dog, and when I talk to him he usually looks like he has no idea what i’m saying. But then again he’s still young, maybe as dogs mature they pick up certain words and are able to put some words together. Enabling them to understand a bit of what were saying. Recently scientists have discovered that when it comes to speech and facial recognition dogs use the same part of the brain that we do. Kind of crazy right. A tiny poodle with a tiny brain can eventually understand a conversation you are having with somebody. So next time you are having a conversation with your dog, don’t just assume they don’t understand what you’re saying. Now don’t go thinking that your dog understands every word your saying but it’s something worth thinking about…


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