Weird and crazy superstitions.

I’m sure everyone has heard  of common superstitions, such as knock on wood and cross your fingers. But what about some bizarre superstitions from around the world. Here are some funny and strange superstitions that I have found.

  1. Stay young forever by carrying an acorn. In ancient Britain women carried acorns around to stay looking young. The oak tree was believed to make skin last longer and fight off illness.
  2. Don’t chew gum at night. The Turkish believe that if you chew gum during the night time you are chewing the flesh of the dead. So i’m gonna say stay off the haunted hubba bubba bubble gum…
  3. Good luck goat. In many cultures seeing a goat when walking or driving is a sign of good luck. The goat has said to draw all evil that may cross your path.
  4. Bird poop equals money. This superstition says that if a bird poops on your house you’ll be rich. Now that’s what I call filthy rich…

I know this a bit different from our usual stuff but I thought it would be a good change of pace.


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