Life after death…

Hey guys today were going to be talking about life after death. I have gathered a short list of some possible after death scenarios…

  1. The loop. The loop theory goes is that when you die you are reborn again to live the same life. Like a loop. But each time your reborn you are given different chances and opportunities. So if you weren’t happy with your previous life, hopefully you can change your destiny in your new life. Not to mention Déjà Vu. When you try something you’ve never done before but it feels like you’ve done it already…you have!
  2. The world revolves around you. Yes in this theory the whole universe actually revolves around you. Before you go saying that’s impossible, hear this. Your whole life you have always seen everything from your point of view and perspective. Not once seeing anything from someone else’s point of view. Is there anything that you can prove in this world that isn’t your imagination? If this theory is true when you die the universe seizes to exist.
  3. Reincarnation. In some Buddhist beliefs when you die you are reincarnated as an animal. If you were a good person during your previous life you may become an animal such as mans best friend in a dog. But in some cases if you lived life by causing others harm you may live your next life as a microscopic insect. So be nice to people guys!
  4. Nothing. Now finally nothingness. When you die theirs absolutely nothing, just darkness. But you wouldn’t know you are in darkness because your cautiousness died along with your body. I really hope this ones not true!

Remember guys all of these are just theories,  but all worth thinking about.


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