Do aliens exist?

Hey guys today were going to be talking about aliens. One of the most commonly asked questions among people every where, is if aliens are real. Well I have a conspiracy which will have you thinking about aliens like never before. Alright the theory goes is that humans have been looking for aliens in all the wrong places. Sure there’s probably life outside of earth,  but what about on earth. Not many people think about life on earth except for what we already know, and maybe some ghosts. But what if this whole time dimensional life has been here, but we can’t see them because our brains can’t comprehend it. Think about it if you look at some pictures or videos of extra terrestrial things happening, everyone jumps to the conclusion that it’s ghosts. But there other life forms, and there not invisible there just intricate beings that our eyes and our brains cant process, which allows them to seem “invisible”. Now if these life forms do exist, they have probably been here longer than us. Which also begs the question why wouldn’t they communicate with us? Two reasons would have to be either they cant see us just like we cant see them or maybe they know were here and can see us and they just don’t want to be seen for whatever reason. Not that humans would be to considerate of them anyway. So are aliens real? Maybe! It’s definitely worth thinking about.


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