Is karma real?

At one time or another you might’ve done something you regret, and maybe you worry if karma will come back to get you. You might not be sure if it’s real, but it’s crossed your mind. Now you might think, alright it’s karma so what? Well what if you actually look into it. The generally known term for karma is if you do something bad, something bad will happen to you in return. If it’s real or not…is most likely impossible to find out. Some instances that would prove karma is real would be this… you walk outside to take out the trash, and you see that your neighbors trash is yet to be done, so you take out their trash for them. The next week your neighbors offer to take out your trash to sort of repay you for what you did last time. This might not be the first thing you think about when you think about karma but technically it is karma. But what most people think about when they think about karma, is this universal rule that by doing bad, some higher being will enforce bad on you. Well how realistic is that? Even if there was some higher being, it would have to know every bad thing, anybody has done in the world. This is a bit absurd. Prime instances of this are horrible and borderline evil people that were in this world at one time or another that continued to reign their terror for more than enough time. Where was karma thn? So is karma real? You can say yes technically, or you can say no. One things for sure, it’s definitely had me thinking.


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