Are we even real?

At some point in your life, probably when you were of a young age, you wondered… what if we are all in one big video game! Sounds crazy right. But recently scientists and ordinary people everywhere have been considering this a legitimate possibility, if not spot on. Think about it… about forty years ago kids and teens were playing a game called Pong. A very simple game where you hit a ball back and forth. Now we have virtual reality! Someone could be at home sitting on their couch with a virtual reality head set on…and it could feel like their actually there. From Pong to Virtual Reality, the time difference is roughly forty years. Just forty years! Now we ask what if you give us another one hundred years. How technologically far will we be? Well the theory goes, is that we will be advanced enough. So much so that our video games and simulations will be indistinguishable from actual reality. This begs the question… what if we are the simulation? Now some of you might think, wait a minute… if we are our reality wouldn’t that break the ‘simulation’. Well, not exactly. Like I said before this certain civilization or period in time that created the simulation or ‘us’, would be so technologically advanced their “characters” in games of some sort, have emotion. For instance right now we have Sims. You think, no way these characters have emotion. Well with highly advanced artificial intelligence, there won’t be much to separate us from computer programming. Actually what if there is nothing to separate us. It begs the question… why wouldn’t we be a simulation? It’s definitely got me thinking.


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